About The Author

Aaron Gumbs

“Mixed – White & Black Caribbean” or “Other”

2020 has been a tough year for us all, and with racism becoming a huge topic across the world, I am reflecting on my experiences & trying to learn why I feel the way I do in certain circumstances.

The only way to describe how I feel is ‘a mixed raced guy in a mixed up world’!

I don’t often open up, and I recently took advantage of a one-off therapy session due to the way I’ve been feeling, and I plan to continue this with 6 more sessions as I discover more about my mind.

I’m not your ‘typical’ mixed raced guy (which we’ll discover through various posts), and I’d like to share my thoughts with you!


  • Father to Isla-Rae
  • Fiancé to Stacey
  • Consulting Manager
  • Amatuer Photography
  • Nintendo Switch
  • AV Geek
  • Anything with a computer chip in it!

Places I’ve Lived (UK)

  • Slough
  • Cookham
  • Bristol
  • Banbury