That’s All Folks…

Hello everyone!

I’ve been thinking about this over the past two weeks and the time has come to wrap up the blog, at least for now anyway.

I’ve never been bothered about gaining a high number of viewers, I just wanted to maintain a regular viewing base throughout and I’m glad to say I was able to achieve this! I started this journey in a real bad place mentally, and I thought that creating a series of around 7 articles on a blog that I didn’t expect anyone to view would help me, but in reality this went one step further and amounted to over 30 posts, a radio interview, and nearly 2500 views from 1000 unique visitors – for me this feels amazing! It’s also helped Stacey understand circumstances she observes as an outsider in more detail too, and we have a better understand of how eachother feels which is a priceless side effect.

There’s still plenty more I want to do, but in all honesty, my audience has grown a lot smaller since the conversation has switched from pessimistic news about people of colour, to COVID-19 second waves and the US elections, and this has been further compounded by my ability to write so frequently due to family and work demands.

You’d think I’d be annoyed by this, but if my views disappear because less people are highlighting people of colour as different, then this is a greater cause than my stats. Racism still exists, and it always will, but if people can focus their minds on something else for a short period then at least we can all reset our batteries and breathe.

In addition to this, the time it takes to write and revise articles is becoming difficult to balance with family and work time in context of the impact it may have on the outside world. I still have ideas for other posts, so perhaps they may return when the conversation is a hotter topic.

The blog isn’t going anywhere, so please feel free to catch up on past articles! Each blog post was written so that it isn’t a ‘point in time’ reference that becomes invalid later on – I’d love to see people still reading or learning about experiences that can be faced even if I’m not actively posting.

Last and certainly not least, thank you all to everyone that has been involved in the blog, from simply reading my ramblings to having conversations to discuss, debate, ask, or just generally catch up for a chat about the topics raised in this blog! The sharing has been amazing too! I would love to continue these conversations away from the blog, and it has been great to hear from so many people whilst we find ourselves in a seemingly never-ending lockdown..

Catch you all soon.


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