Tuesday Tunes #7

Stuck On You – Frankie Paul

It’s time for ‘Tuesday Tunes’, where I do my best to bring you great music that you may not have heard before in reggae, dancehall, and soca.

On Tuesdays, I’ll introduce you to a song, riddim, or music artist that you don’t hear so frequently on Western sources and tell you how I discovered them myself.

When you listen to these tunes, put some headphones on or plug into a proper speaker – TVs, phones, tablets, or laptops simply won’t do these songs justice!

My Discovery

Anyone that has grown up in a household with black culture will recognise Frankie Paul’s voice instantly. He was active from 1980 up until his death in 2017, and he has produced far too many albums to count!

The reason I love this song so much is because the beat is just as good as the lyrics. On my journey to discover more music when MP3 players first came out, this song was how I discovered that riddims were a thing! If you search for ‘Love Bump Riddim’, you’ll find many more reggae artists with songs produced using the same beat.

Sidenote: Those MP3 players were awful! £30, you could fit around 12 songs on them, and they’d have a screen that change into harsh bright colours.

The Music

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