I’m Back!

Good morning everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve focussed on this blog. I haven’t really thought about it for a month but there is so much more to discuss with you as we move towards the end of the year!

What have you been up to?!

I always planned to take a break in September, and although it may not have seemed as long to you, it felt like a well needed break from thinking about my identity and other serious topics. Ironically, my emotions were higher than ever and I have so much to tell on this blog, but I needed to step back from everything whilst I focussed on other aspects of life for a short while.


I may be a team manager now but that doesn’t mean I am immune from the rollercoaster of activities that can take place surrounding a project go-live by any stretch of the imagination!

During the first week of September I had a technical go-live to deliver which means I need a state of focus that is left uninterrupted so that the delicate sequence of steps are successful. Fortunately this went well, and I was able to enjoy my upcoming holiday.


It may have only been a few months since our last UK break but this was desperately needed! We stayed in Lizard Point in Cornwall for 8 days and it was the first time this year I’ve stayed away from a screen of some sort for more than 2 hours since lockdown. It was the first time we’ve forgotten about COVID-19 for more than a few hours, and the location we stayed at had carried out a fantastic job of setting up the area to be within Government guidelines.

Race Relations

Last but not least, the media have largely stopped talking about race in the same way they were a few months ago. Taking this break was tactical – it means that my stories will take longer to release and therefore the message will continue for a longer period of time.

It was very difficult to stop talking about race entirely though, as you’ll see from a previous post that I postponed my break pretty swiftly after announcing it on social media, because my daughter was out on an adventure with some of our most trusted friends and experienced her first stereotypes and negative reactions at the grand age of three:

Fun Fact: Racism Towards A 3 Year Old Exists.

So What Next?

Watch this space, I have many more stories to tell! We will start with positive blog posts with an upcoming Photo Friday and Tuesday Tunes within the next week to kick everything off, and then I will be back shortly after with an experience I have faced in the past in the usual format.

Thank you for sticking around this long so far, and keep the feedback coming!


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