Tuesday Tunes #6 – A Message

It’s time for ‘Tuesday Tunes’, and this week we are getting serious through performing arts.

In all honesty, I am tired of thinking about my race every day in a negative way. I don’t choose to, it is spoon-fed to me by the Internet. This world isn’t where it needs to be, and whether you choose to ignore it or not, racism is alive and kicking.

Everyone has to be outraged at one side of the story. Everyone is either fear-mongering or a conspiracy theorist. If someone forms an opinion against the current thinking, then the current thinking is ‘fake news’, and apparently ‘alternative facts’ are a thing now.

So, this time round, you may have heard some of these artists before. Either in my previous posts or through your own finding.

These compositions are unique. These songs or videos were never meant to exist, they were never planned years in advance for an upcoming album, and they are completely new ideas, created for a cause. You may find the lyrics hard hitting, but they are delivered in an extremely talented way. I love these four tunes, but I wish they never had to be created.

With the above in mind, I won’t be sharing my usual stories about my discovery and other details as I want the focus to be on these videos.

If I can ask you to do one thing, please view these videos twice – once to focus on the lyrics, and once to watch the visuals.

I Can’t Breathe – H.E.R

Focusses on many black individuals who have been wrongfully and disproportionally impacted by the justice system.

Entrepreneur ft. Jay-Z – Pharrell Williams

Focusses on black individuals who have started businesses from nothing, and emphasises their success or hardship through the process.

Call To Duty – Beres Hammond

Released on Beres Hammond’s birthday, using war references to ask those that have the power to do so to fight for equality and justice. This is very powerful.

Blessed – Buju Banton

Focusses on encouraging black individuals to continue striving for their goals regardless of wealth, and that nothing can hold you back.

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