Bored of the Dining Room Table? Work From Home in Anguilla!

In an effort to remain current, but also in my quest to understand whether our family can visit us for our wedding that gets ever closer, I thought it was time to update you on whether the Caribbean can still be an alternative to the ‘staycation’ that we’ve all become familiar with in the UK.

Last time over on my initial post back in June, we asked if we could travel between the UK & the Caribbean, we spoke about whether you could consider a Caribbean holiday without going into quarantine on either side, and much of that still remains true today. There are a few small updates from both the UK Government and Anguilla’s Government which have given some a chance to sink their feet into golden sands as they look towards the horizon with nothing but endless clear waters in between.

The obligatory Sandy Ground photo I took on my last visit in 2015.

What’s Changed?

UK Government

Over here in the UK, we have seen our ‘green list’ in action for a number of months. This list is a set of countries that require no quarantine on arrival to the UK, regardless of whether you’re new, returning, or a British passport holder. On this list, the key change is that British Overseas Territories are now explicitly listed, whereas before they were a clause at the end of the list that explained ‘all British Overseas Territories are excluded from any restrictions’.

This may not seem like much, but with my ‘requirements prioritisation’ hat on from work, to me this now indicates that the Government could exclude one British Overseas Territory from quarantine-free travel if they saw a spike of COVID-19 cases, whereas under the old format they were either all excluded from quarantine or all included in quarantine requirements.

Not only that, but it’s now clear that the Government will actively review this list and give up to 48 hours before pulling a country from the list. A lot of people get frustrated by this, but I fully agree with this method. COVID-19 won’t wait for a week whilst we wait until the country is taken off the list, so it has to be done as close to real time as possible.

Sidenote: I’m sorry. I bent my ‘no politics’ rule slightly in that sentence but I refrain from talking party politics or anything else so I think I’m OK? My view stats and DMs will be the judge of that!

Anyway, the good news is that Anguilla is still on the green list in August, and so is Antigua. That means that the route described in my previous post is still valid.

Anguillian Government

Anguilla’s rules are more complex and are less binary, but seem to favour a safe and secure approach to allowing visitors or returning residents as long as the correct protocol is followed.

Generally speaking, and until October, normal tourism won’t return and the country is locked down. However, if you have the ability to pack your bags and ship off for 3-12 months then you’re in luck – Anguilla have created an application form for specific valid travellers that may help stimulate their economy without creating too much risk. You can effectively work from home in the Caribbean!

Naturally there is a cost, and there are various processes that need to be followed (such as receiving a negative COVID-19 test more than once), but nonetheless if you have the money and no commitments to deal with at home then why not?

Heading Over Soon Then?

Not so fast.. I don’t have the finances to do such a thing, and both of our jobs would be way too difficult spanning a 4 hour timezone difference (or 5 hours in British Summer Time). We would also have to cancel our wedding!

There is definitely a market for this though, and it’s a case of being the right place but wrong time for us.

Suit Yourself, But What About Me?

If you fancy sitting at a bar to enjoy a beer by the crystal clear waters, before snorkeling with turtles, sting rays, or even octopus near by in your lunch break, then have a look at these resources:

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