Tuesday Tunes #4

Underdog (Remix) ft. Chronixx & Protoje – Alicia Keys

It’s time for ‘Tuesday Tunes’, where I do my best to bring you great music that you may not have heard before in reggae, dancehall, and soca.

On Tuesdays, I’ll introduce you to a song, riddim, or music artist that you don’t hear so frequently on Western sources and tell you how I discovered them myself.

When you listen to these tunes, put some headphones on or plug into a proper speaker – TVs, phones, tablets, or laptops simply won’t do these songs justice!

My Discovery

It’s not very often that I’m stumped for words on this blog, but this story starts and ends with Stacey sending me the song to listen to a few weeks ago whilst we were both having a silent disco working from home! Ever since it’s been on my playlist.

I am so pleased that artists that are well known in the Western world are creating new songs with traditional Caribbean artists – maybe one day it’ll be normal to hear them all on the radio!

The Music

As you can tell by the title, this version is a remix from Underdog originally performed by Alicia Keys alone.

The lyrics in both versions are just as powerful as the music itself, and in times more relevant than ever, they attempt to encourage those that feel that they are disadvantaged in society in some way.

The Remix
The Original

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