Reflections on the Journey So Far

A message to you.

When I started this blog in June I genuinely thought that maybe a few friends and family would read, but I find myself reflecting on the stats constantly in disbelief.


241 visitors.

12 countries.

All I can say is wow, thank you all so much! To everyone that has read, liked, shared so far, or messaged me personally – your support has been amazing and I never expected this ever, let alone from 4 blog posts.

The aim was never to become popular, I just wanted to share my opinions on topics that impact me & my family directly. Too many authors are happy to highlight problems without solutions, and I want to change that where these topics arise.

Where do we go from here?

Starting this blog has given me a new focus and has created so many new and exciting conversations. Originally I planned to perhaps write a series of 10 articles and then stop completely, but that’s now changed.

The reason for this is two-fold. I want to share all sorts of life experiences with you that have shaped my life today – personal stories on mental health, great places we’ve been, music artists you may not have heard of, hobbies we enjoy, and many other subjects.

Most of these will have a reference to culture in some way, as often I can be perceived as ‘being so white’ or ‘trying to be black’, of which none is true – I am simply mixed raced with a variety of traits.

This doesn’t mean it’s the end of posts about micro-aggression, unconcious bias, or racism. If anything this helps the cause. By broadening the type of content on this blog, the more serious topics that we’ve discussed over the last few weeks will have a slightly larger gap between them with positive stories in between, meaning that the topic will stay alive long after they’re trending in the news.

What will change?

  • A completely new look for the blog. This will provide a summary of the post to reduce scrolling and allow you to get to what you want to see on different subjects quicker.
  • I have bought and will be working on search engine optimisation (SEO) to try and extend my reach. If just one stranger finds my content from this domain and says it helps them then it’s all worth it.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts all using the @mixedracedguy username.
  • A new avatar (credit to my sister, Tia) which will be consistent across this site and social media so that you can identify me.
  • Site navigation will evolve over time so that readers in one particular topic don’t have to weed through stuff they’re not interested in.
  • Categorisations and tagging will be restructured to assist with interests too.


I’ll continue to do this for as long as I can think of new ideas, and if you have any suggestions for new content please feel free to get in touch. I’d also love to feature your stories here too, especially if you feel classified or different in some way and want to share the impacts, or even if you’re a part of a majority and want to freely ask questions that might be considered sensitive. I don’t judge, and I want the equality conversation to become more open. I am well aware that I also need to learn, and the only way to do this is by talking.

I’d just like to sign this off by saying thank you again, I am truly humbled by how many visitors we’ve had so far. 241 isn’t much to some people, but it’s around 221 visitors more than I expected to ever read!

If you like what you see then please do share this blog, follow on social media, and look out for my next blog post coming in the next week about my rollercoaster of a mental health journey during lockdown.


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