My Project Begins!

Hi everyone,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to join me on this journey.

I’m Aaron, the creator of the “Mixed Raced Guy” blog.


2020 has impacted everyone in different ways, and whilst I’ve always been described as a rock by my family because absolutely nothing normally phases me, COVID-19 lockdown and the current heightened tension around ethnicity have hit me in ways that I’ve never felt before.

Social media was designed to connect with your friends, but if you became friends with someone because of a common interest and you have conflicting ideas online that you see eachother like or share, that can easily become a hostile environment.

I wanted to avoid that, as I know others may also not necessarily agree with me either!

Others may have formed opinions due to their own past experiences, and it’s not right for everyone to judge eachother using derogatory labels regardless of which ‘side’ you find yourself on just because you disagree with a shared article or a comment. There are always two sides to a story, morally correct or not, so we should explore them objectively to understand why we agree or disagree.

In an effort to be more open, I’m using this place as a safe space to express my thoughts in the most objective way possible.

I’m not interested in becoming popular, but I feel that I need a controlled space to write my thoughts where it won’t have a negative impact.

Persuading anyone towards my way of thinking isn’t on the agenda either, and I will avoid politics at all cost unless it’s relevant to the story.

Welcome, and I hope you find this blog insightful!